October 4th

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We are St. John’s Pride

St. John’s Pride Inc. is a non-profit volunteer run organization that serves the LBGTQ2S+ community by providing and facilitating educational, networking and awareness-raising opportunities, and recognizing and celebrating the contributions and diversity of LBGTQ2S+ people.

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St. John’s Pride Inc. is a registered non-profit with the government of Newfoundland, with no formal ties to the municipality, and is entirely volunteer-run. Each year, we organize and execute an increasingly large event week in July to celebrate, educate, and advocate for the LBGTQ2S+ community in the Avalon and beyond.

St. John’s Pride Week 2019 “Pride and Progress” will be taking place
July 12 to July 21st
in our fair city, but we want to commit to a year round sequence of activities, panels, and campaigns, dedicated to improving our province, as per the following plan:

We need your help to make these events possible. The Pride parade alone cost over $5,000 in 2018, including first aid, traffic control, and insurance, and we expect costs to continue to rise as Pride Week grows.
Our municipal grant of $1,500 for 2018 will only cover a small portion of our costs for the day.

Our annual bonfire at Topsail Beach is a longtime beacon of community bonding, and will require similar funding, as well as providing buses to ensure the event is inclusive and accessible to all.

In the short term, any funding you provide will be put towards the events of Pride Week. However, we would like to celebrate with additional events for the LGBTQ+ community throughout the year, and we cannot do this without your support. Additional funding will be put towards operations throughout the year to advocate for the support of marginalized orientations, genders, and identities within the province of Newfoundland.

Our fundraising tiers include advertisements in all our print, electronic, and radio material, up to and including a guaranteed info booth on Parade Day, which has been attended by 2,500 people. Numbers continue to grow and our events are featured in multiple news sources.

Any sponsor of 99$ or more is considered to have paid their parade application fee. Additional external costs may include vehicular insurance as mandated by the City of St. John’s.

Your support will help us continue to celebrate, educate, and advocate for the LBGTQ2S+ community in Newfoundland.
(Please submit all sponsorship queries to finance@stjohnspride.ca)