St. John’s Pride is always in need of volunteers! Join one of our subcommittees below or start your own with a member of the board.


We at St. John’s Pride are committed to putting off the most inclusive Festival possible. The only way we can do that is with all the diversity and wealth of experiences our communities have to offer feeding into every stage of planning and execution.

Unfortunately, the Board is not always as representative as it could be, and this is a way to assure everyone gets heard. We need your help to make sure everyone feels safe and included.

Please, add your voice and help us break down barriers!

Parade and March

A most colourful and vibrant display of diversity and difference!

This is what the whole year leads up to, and it requires a lot of volunteers and person-power to pull it off.

The jobs here range from helping with security and safety details, corralling and goading people to join from the sidewalks, to assuring everyone stays hydrated.

Enjoy the Parade while also lending a helping hand!


St. John’s Pride cannot operate without the generosity of our community. We rely on our friends, neighbours, and allied business to support our celebration of diverse identities and expression.

Have a knack for grant writing? Are you a people person or have solicitation experience? Then come on over to the Sponsorship subcommittee and help us make the connections and raise the funds we need to run the best Pride yet!

Event Planning

Pride isn’t just once a year you know. St. John’s Pride holds events throughout the year to maintain visibility and to fundraise for Festival Week itself.

Sweat the small-stuff? Got enough creativity to go around?
If you would like to see a particular event or are interested in helping put on a good show, join the Event Planning subcommittee to help plan events leading up to and including Festival Week!

For more info on specific duties and descriptions
contact us at internal@stjohnspride.ca

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