Equality With A Side of Toast

Ready for a true breakfast of champions? International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia tickets are on sale now at Planned Parenthood. Tickets only $20 each. Drop by and pick one up to support a great cause. Proceeds are going to support the LBGTQ Youth Group of St. John's. Sunday, May 24th at NL Housing and … Continue reading Equality With A Side of Toast

Queerly Beloved,

it is time again for this years QUEER PROM! LBGT MUN is proud to announce the 5th annual Queer Prom will be March 20, 2015! We are rocking the theme of Under the Sea for this year, so we welcome you to wear anything nautical themed, your formal prom wear, your sneakers, yourselves! As always, … Continue reading Queerly Beloved,

All-OUT Auction 2015

SAVE THE DATE: location and inventory TBA. Spring is upon us, and so is the St. John’s Pride All-OUT 2015 Auction! Doors open at 1pm, with a focus on providing a family-friendly atmosphere so that parents can attend and help support Pride without having to arrange childcare. Let us entertain your little ones with engaging … Continue reading All-OUT Auction 2015

Pride Goes Back to School!

This past month, St. John’s Pride has been to a number of different middle and high schools, spreading the word about LGBTQ inclusion and helping to reduce bullying. As an organization, we understand that younger students are often left to the wayside as Pride events can be focused on 19+ events. So, this year, we … Continue reading Pride Goes Back to School!