October 2019 Elections!

St. John’s Pride Inc. would like to announce that nominations are open for the board in its entirety! We are pleased to announce that this year's positions include honorariums of 200$ a year (pending constitution approval by members on this ballot)! We'll be hosting an election forum October 5 at2 PM at Gleneyre Room 2 … Continue reading October 2019 Elections!

2015 Sponsorship Package Now Available!

Our 2015 St. John's Pride Sponsorship Package is now available! Want to partner with St. John's Pride? St. John's Pride welcomes the oppurtunity to partner with businesses, organizations & individuals in whatever capacity works best! Please contact us to find out how you can partner with St. John's Pride, or head on over to the … Continue reading 2015 Sponsorship Package Now Available!

2015 Election Results and New Board of Directors

ELECTION RESULTS: Firstly, thank you to all candidates for stepping up. However, we have our successors! The 2015 Board of Directors is as follows: Taylor Stocks (Internal) Matt Caravan (Finance) Kyra Rees (External) Tj Jones (At-Large) Charlie Murphy (At-Large) Christina Mallay (At-Large) Perin Squires (At-Large) (not pictured) Alice Hietala (At-Large) (not Pictured) Melanie Stewart (At-Large) … Continue reading 2015 Election Results and New Board of Directors

Final List of 2014 Candidates

NOMINATIONS AND ADVANCED REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED: We are pleased to announce the complete and final list of all candidates in the 2014 General Election. From these candidates, nine will be elected to form the 2014-2015 Board of St. John's Pride. Co-Chair Finance [1 position] Matt Caravan (incumbent) (uncontested, subject to a vote of confidence) Co-Chair … Continue reading Final List of 2014 Candidates

Role Descriptions for New Positions

DIRECTOR(S)-AT-LARGE ROLE DESCRIPTION: The Directors-at-Large constitute the majority of the Board of Directors, double that of the Co-Chairs. Directors-at-Large (DAL) work on a system of "project portfolios" which are chosen by the Director upon their election based on their strengths and interests (granted some portfolios may have to be assigned if not voluntary taken). Ideally, … Continue reading Role Descriptions for New Positions

2014-2015 General Election

2015 GENERAL ELECTION: St. John's Pride is pleased to announce that the General Election for the 2015 Board of Directors will take place on October 5th, 2014, at 3pm-7pm, location and agenda TBA.A reminder that this year's elections will be for nine (9) board members: three (3) Co-Chairs (External, Internal, Finance), six (6) Directors-At-Large and … Continue reading 2014-2015 General Election

Restructuring Proposal

Proposed to St. John's Pride Public: 9 Person Board to be implemented upon the election of St. John's Pride Board 2015. "Presidential" power to be held among 3 Co-Chair positions: Finance: Oversees all banking, finance, sponsorship related affairs. Internal: Responsible for smooth functioning of board, including administrative duties. External: In charge of public engagement and … Continue reading Restructuring Proposal