Sponsor St. John’s Pride!

Help us make our province kinder, one step at a time~ ❤

Become a supporter of St. John’s Pride and help contribute to this city’s rich, diverse culture and heritage! St. John’s is a fabulous city – colourful, full of character and one with a long history. St. John’s has a thriving LGBTQ+ community which is every bit as colourful as the city itself.

As Newfoundland and Labrador’s original Pride festival, our focus is on fostering leadership and diversity in the LGBTQ+ community and delivering public events that celebrate and promote the visibility of LGBTQ+ people and their accomplishments.
Our fundraising tiers include advertisements in all our print, electronic, and radio material, up to and including a guaranteed info booth on Parade Day, which has been attended by 2,500 people. Numbers continue to grow and our events are featured in multiple news sources.

Any sponsor of 99$ or more is considered to have paid their parade application fee. Additional external costs may include vehicular insurance as mandated by the City of St. John’s.

Pride 2020 Sponsorship Package coming soon!!

A sample of Sponsorship Privileges

We also welcome private donations through Pay-Pal,
for our year-round initiatives.

Send completed applications and further sponsorship inquiries to: finance@stjohnspride.ca

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