To formally submit yourself as a candidate for the Board of St. John’s Pride for the two (2) available 2019 April to October Director at Large positions, please fill out the following form in its entirety. This form ensures equity and ease of access for all candidates.

St. Johns’ Pride values diversity within its Board and encourages persons with disabilities, persons of different socio-economic backgrounds, persons of colour, persons of different gender identities and expressions, persons of different sexualities, and all the persons who identify under our umbrella to run in this by election.

Happy to serve as our CRO this year is the phenomenal Jamie Ruby; if you have any questions at all please contact him at Jamie.c.ruby@gmail.com, and he will respond as soon as possible.

Candidates who do not use the above form will not be placed on the ballot. Please contact internal@stjohnspride.ca with questions or for special accommodations.

Board Overview:

The Board is comprised of 9 volunteers:

  • Co-Chair Internal, who oversees the operation of the board, including group cohesion and adherence to its by-laws;
  • Co-Chair External, who oversees social media, media relations, and helps maintain St. John’s Pride’s Connection to the community at large;
  • Co-Chair Finance, who oversees Pride fundraising, Pride fiscal responsibilities, and who by and large keeps the organization grounded within its means.

​As well, the 6 Director-at-Large Positions, who oversee various portfolios decided on by the group as a whole, relating to queer life in the Avalon peninsula, and assist the Co-Chairs in their work.

The Director-at-Large position entails up to 3 hours of work a week, including by-weekly meetings, alongside 8 other passionate people. Parts of our portfolio we have left to cover include the following duties:

  • Administrative Officer
  • Website Coordinator
  • Festival Programming
  • Internal Structuring
  • Festival Site Coordinator(s)
  • Grant Writer
  • Community Liaison

Voting Registration:

Members who were registered for the election earlier this year do not need to register again. Members who would like to register for this election are requested to apply for voting privileges here:

St. John’s Pride offers secure online voting via http://www.electionbuddy.com. Each voter will receive an individual “election key” (a string of numbers and letters) which can be used for one online vote.

In order for this to be secure and free from tampering, we require voters to register in advance so we can verify your identity and authenticate your email address. You will receive your election key via email on Election Day once we have verified the information below.

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