Community Dialogue Report


The Way Forward

The year of 2018 saw several years’ worth of disappointment with the St. John’s Pride Inc. board come to a head, following a publicized threat that neither uniformed police officers nor the liberal party would be allowed in the 2018 parade. This threat was made by a Co-Chair without consent of the remainder of the board and precipitated a complete resignation of the active St. John’s Pride Board.

The St. John’s Pride Crisis Management Team, headed by Taylor Stocks, oversaw a Community Dialogue, Community Survey, and By-Election for the remainder of the 2018 term in short order. Between comments from concerned members of the community, advisories from past board members, and the personal experiences of the recently departed board, the following report has been compiled.

It is the sincere hope of both the writers of this document and the community upon which this document is based that the St. John’s Pride Board base its future work on the will of the community; that its activism be bottom up and not top down; that its goals remain within its means as a volunteer organization; that St. John’s Pride remember that it is one small part of the larger St. John’s queer community.

St. John’s Pride is a volunteer organization with a triple mandate of education, celebration, and advocacy.

With the following document, we aim to improve our board transitions, our activism, and inform our community engagement for the coming years.

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