The Board

St. John’s Pride Inc. is a registered non-profit with the government of Newfoundland, with no formal ties to the municipality, and is entirely volunteer-run. Each year, we organize and execute an increasingly large event week in July to celebrate, educate, and advocate for the LBGTQ2S+ community in the Avalon and beyond.

St. Johns’ Pride values diversity within its Board and encourages persons with disabilities, persons of different socio-economic backgrounds, persons of colour, persons of different gender identities and expressions, persons of different sexualities, and all the persons who identify under our umbrella to run in this by election.

St. John’s Pride Inc operates under the trifold mandate of advocacy, education, and celebration, as outlined in the following document.

2019 Board of Directors

Gregory Noseworthy
Co-Chair of Internal

Born and raised in St. John’s, a beer snob and homebrewer, current lawyer and a Legal Information and Access to Justice Coordinator for Public Legal Information of NL, I am focused on making law more accessible for all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, specifically those from often marginalised communities. Whether through brewing beer, work, or volunteering, I strive to unite our communities and bridge gaps so that we can all grow together!

Gorvin Greening
Co-Chair of Finance

My name is Gorvin Greening and I use he and him pronouns.

I moved to St. John’s nearly eight years ago from a small eastern Newfoundland town to pursue my Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Since then I have spent nearly five years working in the areas of Finance, Economics, and Audit in the provincial Department of Finance and most recently the Department of Justice and Public Safety.

Over the last couple of years I have volunteered with the St. John’s Pride and Progress parade and have slowly become much more passionate about the work that the board is doing as a whole. It is my hope that with my own life and professional skill sets I can help to continue to maintain and grow the existing work of the St. John’s Pride board to make things even better for all of those who identify under the LBGTQ2S+ banner.

Rifat Junaiyed
Co-Chair External

I’m a cis-gender gay man from Bangladesh. Back in Bangladesh I used to be a volunteer for lgbtq organizations like B.O.B and Roopbaan. We worked toward visibility and social acceptance in a country where homosexual acts are still illegal.

I will use my past experience, as well as learn new skills and continue my volunteering experience with St. John’s Pride, for all our benefit.

Karin Power
Community Liaison and Volunteer Coordinator

I am Karin , 46 year old Mom to two LGBT children .My daughter is 22 and identifies as Lesbian and my son is 21 and identifies as Gay.

I have been associated with LGBT community for some 25+ years , am well known in the community everything from judging Drag Idol each year to helping out behind the scenes in anyway I can for various groups events etc within the LGBT community.

I have served on previous boards and have learned a lot throughout each experience . I am running again in hopes to serve the board of 2020 and utilize my contacts for the greater good of the LGBTQI2S* community and make this years Pride even bigger & better . I also hope to encourage more of the community to take part this year and to be their best selves.

Forough Emam
Advocacy and Inclusivity Coordinator

My name is Forough Emam, and my pronouns are she/her. I’m a graduate student in Gender Studies at MUN. My research interests lie in the field of decolonial studies with a specific focus on LGBTQ activism and digital resistance in Iran. As a newcomer to Canada and St. John’s, I’m really excited to be more socially active within the 2SLGBTQ+ community and gain more hands-on experience.

Since I was a teenager in Iran, I was a member of NGOs focusing on human rights and women’s rights as well as being a member of a nationwide campaign to change discriminatory laws against women.

As a Director-at-Large of St. John’s Pride, I wish we can make this year’s parade as inclusive and accessible as possible. While I may be new to the city, I believe we all face similar challenges that we can tackle communally. Apart from the Pride Week, I hope with your support and contribution we can have a more nuanced dialogue among the community to facilitate it being more inter-sectional and more open to the diversity of individuals’ experiences.

Joanne Harris
Programming and Events Coordinator

Kwe, I am Mi’kmaw and I am 2-Spirit, which will bring diversity and a decolonial perspective to Pride.

While in CB I was involved with 2SLGBTQ+ issues. In May I participated in several GSA events in Central NL where I spoke about 2 Spirit history and issues, and I facilitated a 2 Spirit workshop and talking circle. I also held this workshop with the White Wolf Youth Drum Group as an event for Corner Brook Pride.

I was a key participant in getting my employer, Qalipu First Nation, to show support and solidarity with the 2SLGBTQ+ community through the purchasing of rainbow flags for all of our offices, hosting a fundraiser BBQ with money going to CB Pride, and we participated in the Pride parade for the first time. These experiences taught me there is a lot of work to be done from a 2 Spirit perspective, and I am excited to keep the momentum going through involvement with St. John’s Pride. Wela’lioq.

Mackenzie Grace
City Liaison and Parade Coordinator

My name is Mackenzie Grace and my pronouns are she/her. I am currently a Neuroscience and Nutrition joint honours student at Memorial University. I have experience as a treasurer in my high school student council, a representative of the Biochemistry Society and Psychology Social Committee at MUN, a volunteer with Let’s Talk Science, and have participated and helped run community events in my hometown. These include beach and town clean-ups and a summer festival.

St. John’s Pride Inc has featured heavily in my life since moving to the city for school. During my first parade, I volunteered to direct traffic. In my second parade, I met the wonderful woman who eventually became my girlfriend. During my last parade, we spent the day celebrating that love and being thankful for St. John’s Pride for bringing us together. I hope I can bring accessibility and inclusivity to this group and spread those values as well as love and respect throughout St. John’s.

Sarah Brown
Communications Lead

Hello, my name is Sarah Brown, and my pronouns are she/her. I’m a federal government employee/queer woman with a partially formal and partially informal background in art and design. I have used some of my skills in the past to be active within a community, such as designing posters, merchandise, etc for both the Sexual Health Club and the Feminist organization at Grant MacEwan University in Alberta.

I’ve explored queerness, fatness, and mental illness through various mediums of art in the past. I will use this lived experience to be an effective Communications Lead, both because I’m a creative individual and because I’m aware of how other issues, like body image and mental health can intersect with the LGBTQ2SIA+ community. I am also a self-designated black belt in puns and love to share memes!

Andrew Sonsogno
Marketing and Merchandising Coordinator

I’m the managing director of a local event management company. We focus on promoting multiculturalism, diversity and a broader sense of community in NL. I believe I’ll be able to bring a unique perspective to the board and a great understanding of how to use social media to assist in community engagement and outreach. I believe what St. John’s pride needs most is a stronger handle on social media and community outreach to not only reach younger audiences but to engage with, energize and mobilize them.

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