What is St. John’s Pride?

St.John’s Pride Inc.

St. John’s Pride Inc. is a registered non-profit company that has a mandate to provide and facilitate educational, networking and issue awareness; our focus is on fostering leadership and diversity in the LBGTQ2s+ community and delivering public events that celebrate and promote the visibility of LBGTQ2S+ people, their accomplishments, and Newfoundland Heritage.

About the City of St. John’s

Photo Credit: Steven C. Photography

St. John’s is a vibrant City balancing our strong sense of heritage with the needs of a modern urban population, and as the province’s capital it is the perfect combination of big-city luxury and small-town charm.

As the oldest and most easterly city in North America, this is where heritage lives!

Melded with culture, history, and personality, the city of St. John’s has survived two World Wars, three fires, pirates, and five centuries of countless hardships and triumphs. 

St. John’s became one of the first Canadian cities to have an official gay bar, back in 1974 when ‘Friends’ opened its doors. Prior to its opening, there were several local bars that were dubbed LGBTQ friendly, most notably being the Hotel Newfoundland bar, which Time Magazine dubbed “one of Canada’s great gay hangouts from 1968 – 1973”.

To find out more about the City of St. John’s,
please visit www.stjohns.ca or www.destinationstjohns.com.

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