Election Results 2019

Official results on the 2019 general election and report by CRO.

This year’s election had 289 registered voting members, out of which 51 voted (18%), above the 30 required for quorum so results are declared to be valid per Article 3.2; only 4 ballots were spoiled.

The following candidates are successful and form your new Board of Directors:


  • Gorvin Greening (Cochair Finance)
  • Rifat Junaiyed (Cochair External)
  • Greg Noseworthy (Cochair Internal)


  • Sarah Brown
  • Karin Power
  • Forough Emam
  • Mackenzie Grace
  • Joanne Harris
  • Andrew Sonsongo

The following results are for by-law amendments:

  • $200 Annual Honoraria for Board members PASSES (37 “yes” votes)
  • Article 3.6 allowing the Board to forgo by-elections PASSES (38 “yes” votes
  • Article 2.2 changing Director-at-large portfolios PASSES (40 “yes” votes)

Congratulations to the incoming Board, and on behalf of the qmmunity our sincerest thanks to the outgoing Board for their service. You made us proud!

Election data will be available for audit and contest by candidates for 30 days.

-CRO Ky Rees

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