October 2019 Elections!

St. John’s Pride Inc. would like to announce that nominations are open for the board in its entirety! We are pleased to announce that this year’s positions include honorariums of 200$ a year (pending constitution approval by members on this ballot)!

We’ll be hosting an election forum October 5 at
2 PM at Gleneyre Room 2 at the Paul Reynold’s Community Center.
Our CRO this year is Ky Rees, former board member and local wunderkind.
If you have any questions regarding elections or the voting process, feel free to send them an email to internal@stjohnspride.ca

DEADLINE TO APPLY: 8pm on Friday, October 4th, with voting to be held on October 5th.

All 3 Co-Chair Positions and 6 Director-at-Large Positions are open for nominees.

The Co-Chair Positions are 2 year positions, and entail up to 5 hours of work a week, including bi-weekly meetings.

Co-Chair Internal: Oversees the operation of the board, including group cohesion and adherence to its by-laws;

Co-Chair External: Oversees social media, media relations, and helps maintain St. John’s Pride Connection to the community at large;

Co-Chair Finance: Oversees Pride fundraising, Pride fiscal responsibilities, and who by and large keeps the organization grounded within its means.

The Director at Large position entails up to 3 hours of work a week, including by-weekly meetings, alongside 8 other passionate people. Parts of our portfolio we have left to cover include the following duties:

Advocacy & Inclusivity Coordinator– Ensures the board maintains a focus on diversity and inclusivity in every and all aspects of board work.

City Liaison & Parade Coordinator – Coordinator of necessary outreach with the City of St. John’s, vetting insurance requirements of events and applicants.

Communications Lead – Manage all social media accounts and the Pride Website, with the assistance of the Co-chair External

Community Liaison & Volunteer Coordinator – Coordinates outreach efforts between directors and maintains an active catalogue of community groups and members of the queer, trans, and two spirit communities of the city, in addition to the businesses and non-profits of the city.

Marketing & Merchandise Lead – Will coordinate designs and branding (e.g. t-shirt contests, design outsourcing, et cet.)

Programming & Events Coordinator – Lead on the year-round event scheduling. Coordinates and plans all events during pride with the help of all board members and their various portfolios.

Our Board constitution is also currently under vote to amend:

  • Section 2 – detailing a change of board responsibilities and more directed portfolios for the Directors at Large.
  • Section 2.6 – allowing an honorarium in 2 parts depending on funds available; this year 100 up front and 100 after 12 months.
  • Section 3.6 – enabling a board to refill its ranks without mandating a bi-election.

If you’re interested in voting in this election and have not already voted in prior elections, please sign up through the following link:

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