St. John's Pride Inc. March 2018 Election Results

Results from preferential election are as follows:

Co-Chair External
Paul Combden

Co-Chair Internal
Derek Semerad

Co-Chair Finance
Bill Squires.

Hanna MeKawy
Victoria Catherine Pumphrey
Ryan A. Steeves
Thomas O’Brien
Ashley Ruby
Nicholas Peter Kuzmochka

All nominees should have been sent an e-mail for connecting with each other via the email they provided to the nomination survey. We look forward to a fresh and productive term.

of: 270 registered voters
15 registered post online deadline (March 24 th , 2018 7pm)
8 registrations were deemed undeliverable to the email provided.
0 spoiled ballots
93 ballots submitted

The election was executed via the online platform, Election Buddy, ensuring a secure and anonymous election process. The election method chosen by the crisis management team was a preferential ballot system, which is consistent in previous elections held by St John’s Pride Inc.

The St John’s Pride Crisis Management team were prudent and effective in the stewardship of the March-November 2018 elections. The election was executed without any outside influence.

It is recommended that a longer voter time be permitted to increase voter turnout. In addition, as ballots were sent out via email, eligible voters should be notified to check all spam & junk folders during the registration process to increase voter turnout.

Another recommendation would including developing a concise infographic that can be posted online to clearly outline voting process, times & location.

Chris Forward
St John’s Pride Inc. March-November 2018 by-Elections

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