Nomination Period Extended to the 24th

The Nomination Period for the St. John’s Pride Inc. Board of Directors has been extended until Saturday, March 24th, at 6pm, as only 6 people have stepped forward for the 9 positions. The current election is to establish a board to operate between now and November, at which time there will be another full election.

With our current Nominations, should any fail the non-confidence vote and be rendered non-viable, St. John’s Pride will not have the authority to make decisions granted by it’s By-Laws.

We invite the 60+ people who filled out the survey and said they would volunteer for the board to put their names forward.

To formally submit yourself as a candidate for the Board of St. John’s Pride for the 2018 Festival, please fill out the form, , in its entirety. This form assures consistency and equity among all candidates.

Candidates who do not use this form cannot be placed on the ballot. Please contact with questions or for special accommodations.

Yours in Pride,
rocking STRFKR as we approach a new age,

Derek Semerad

Co-Chair Internal

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