Elections on the 25th Online Voting Available

St. John’s Pride Elections for the Summer of 2018 will be taking place this Sunday, the 25th of March.

Online voting will be available from 12am to 4pm, but in person voting will be available at UC 3018, the Loft, on MUN’s St. John’s Campus, from 10 AM to 2 PM. The new board will be announced by 6pm.

St. John’s Pride’s Crisis Management Team will be hosting further dialogue opportunities alongside the Pride board election proper.

From 10:30-11:30, a learning session on the activities and tasks of the board will be held with past board members. We invite all those interested in the Pride organization to attend; we specifically invite those putting themselves forward for the board to attend the session and confirm their candidacy following the discussion.

We are inviting anyone who volunteered for the board in the past five years to contact us if you are interested in sharing what activities and tasks are necessary for the organization no later than Thursday, March 22. Contact us through our St. John’s Pride Facebook page, St. John’s Pride, or through our e-mail at internalstjpride@gmail.com

From 12-1, there will thereafter be a Candidates’ Roundtable, where those interested in running for the board can speak to the community. Both sessions will be facilitated by Nathalie Brunet and will focus on the revitalization and development of the Pride organization.

Throughout, our physical polling booth will be open.

Online voting will be available from 12am to 4pm on March 25th, 2018.
Only those who fill out the following form will be available to vote online in this election.


To formally apply yourself for the voting process for the Board of St. John’s Pride for the 2018 Festival, please fill out this form, https://goo.gl/forms/fpwUabMXOBWCN6zJ3, in its entirety. This form assures consistency and equity among all voters and the constituency they will effect.

People who are approved to vote online will be provided a key the day of elections, through Election Buddy. The link to the online ballot will be made available on the 24th, with Elections opening at midnight.

Please contact internalstjpride@gmail.com with questions or for special accommodations.

As we lead in to the Elections on the 25th, the St. John’s Pride Crisis Management team would like to invite you to complete the following survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TH2Z2RY

Whereas the board has in the past faced critique for being out of touch with its membership, we aim to provide the board coming in with an accurate representation of the wants, hopes, desires, and willing commitment of its active membership.

A report will be done and made publicly available, courtesy of Dr. Sulaimon Giwa (Social Work, Memorial University), based on both this survey and the dialogue, before elections.

An audio version of the report will be available come the end of March, as well.

Yours in Pride,
Strongly recommending Owen Pallett this week,

Derek Semerad
Co-Chair Internal

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