Elections March 25th, 2018 -Nominations Open

Nominations for the St. John’s Pride Board are now open for 2018!

DEADLINE: 12pm on Friday, March 23rd, with the election to be held on Sunday, March 25th.

Available positions are:

Co-Chair Internal
Co-Chair External
Co-Chair Finance
And 6 Directors at large!

To formally submit yourself as a candidate for the Board of St. John’s Pride for the 2018 Festival, please fill out the form, https://goo.gl/forms/qTve00oIFxYn6PBY2 , in its entirety. This form assures consistency and equity among all candidates.

Candidate blurbs and submissions will be posted to facebook before elections to allow people to get to know their candidates; depending on availability, a forum may be made available on the 25th of March.

Candidates who do not use this form will not be placed on the ballot. Please contact internalstjpride@gmail.com with questions or for special accommodations.

St. Johns’ Pride values diversity within its Board and encourages persons with disabilities, persons of different socio-economic backgrounds, persons of colour, persons of different gender identities and expressions, persons of different sexualities, and all the persons who identify under our umbrella to run in this by election.

As well, if you have any questions/concerns with the election process, you can contact our Chief Returning Officer (CRO) Chris Forward, at chrisforward@aharvey.nf.ca

Chris is a proud member of the LGBTQ2+ communuty, born and raised in St John’s. His family operated a small business, which they sold to A. Harvey & Co. Ltd a short time after he completed his undergraduate business degree at Memorial University. Currently he is the General Manager of Harvey’s Oil Ltd., a Suncor partnership that sells and distributes petroleum products throughout Newfoundland.

Chris is a champion of health & safety in the workplace, and recently received an award presented by the NL Occupational Health and Safety Organization to honour his commitment to his co-workers and their health & safety. Chris volunteers with the Boys and Girls Club of St John’s, and currently serves as the President. Under Chris’ leadership the two clubs have grown to offer an open and inclusive environment, engaging nearly 800 youth.

On behalf of the current Board of St. John’s Pride, and on behalf of the constituency, please conduct yourself in good taste and all the best to the candidates!

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