Welcome To The Board

St. John’s Pride is pleased to announce the newest member of our board, Kimberly Drisdelle, after successfully winning a vote of confidence!

“Hello beautiful people! My name is Kimberly Drisdelle, and I am so incredibly excited to be announcing my candidacy for the at-large board position for St. John’s Pride. I’m a queer feminist who loves social activism, event-planning and smiling smile emoticon

I understand first-hand the amount of hard work, dedication and commitment it takes to plan such an event packed week, and I hope to be able to bring my past experience to the table. I was the Director of Student Life with the MUN Student’s Union for the past year, allowing me to:

– Take a lead part in planning MUN’s Pride on Campus
– Coordinate a night with Ivan Coyote, renowned queer and trans activist and award winning author and storyteller
– Work closely with the LBGT MUN resource centre, providing resources for funding, event planning and centre logistics
– Become a member of the Memorial University planning committee for the Gender and Sexual Diversity at MUN night, educating faculty, staff and administration.

Throughout my role as Director of Student Life, the biggest portion of my position was event planning. Accessibility needs, on-site logistics, working within city by-laws and keeping within a specific budget were constantly in mind. Although most of my experience stems from the Memorial community, I also worked closely with the St. John’s Pride board last summer to ensure that it ran as smoothly as possible when using university spaces.

I have lived in St. John’s for 6 years now, and being involved in LBGTQ activism in this beautiful city has become a passion. I want to help in any way I can, especially since this position has opened very near to
when Pride will be held. I hope to use the skills that I have gained for to a cause which I care so strongly for. I would appreciate it beyond words to be given that opportunity.”

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