Queerly Beloved,

it is time again for this years QUEER PROM!

LBGT MUN is proud to announce the 5th annual Queer Prom will be March 20, 2015! We are rocking the theme of Under the Sea for this year, so we welcome you to wear anything nautical themed, your formal prom wear, your sneakers, yourselves!
As always, if you can wear it in public, you can wear it to prom.

We are extending a huge welcome to Doctor Androbox as our host again this year, and can’t wait to see what they’re going to come up with!

The talented Nathan Eddy Photography will be our photographer this year and raising money for his top surgery fund, so be nice with your tips!

This event is 19+ as it is being held at the Breezeway Bar & Events, but there will be Queer-a-Palooza on April 4th for anyone who likes sober/youth events!


Cover $5

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