Pride Goes Back to School!

This past month, St. John’s Pride has been to a number of different middle and high schools, spreading the word about LGBTQ inclusion and helping to reduce bullying. As an organization, we understand that younger students are often left to the wayside as Pride events can be focused on 19+ events. So, this year, we have strengthened our dedication to reaching out to youth and other typically marginalized groups.

On February 24th and 26th, three of our board members spoke with the inclusion committee at Bishop’s College, lending our voice and expertise when it comes to running a group and events. We also met with a couple of folks from Gonzaga to help them craft a future for their GSA.
On February 25th, two board members attended Holy Cross Junior High’s Sea of Pink assembly and spoke about bullying and the necessity to build kind organizations. Finally, Pride teamed up with LGBT MUN to travel to Tricentia Academy on March 4th, giving a full day of discussion about gender and sexuality.

We are very pleased to grow our connections with high schools. If you would like bring Pride out to your school, contact us at

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