2015 Election Results and New Board of Directors

ELECTION RESULTS: Firstly, thank you to all candidates for stepping up. However, we have our successors!

The 2015 Board of Directors is as follows:

Taylor Stocks (Internal)
Matt Caravan (Finance)
Kyra Rees (External)

Tj Jones (At-Large)
Charlie Murphy (At-Large)
Christina Mallay (At-Large)
Perin Squires (At-Large) (not pictured)
Alice Hietala (At-Large) (not Pictured)
Melanie Stewart (At-Large)

Congratulations to all!

NOTICE OF INTENT TO DESTROY BALLOTS: This post, in tandem with a post made later today on our official website, serves as the notice to our members of our intent to destroy the General Election ballots on November 5th, 2014 at 12am.

Any member wishing to scrutinize the ballots or otherwise contest the results may do so by emailing krees@stjohnspride.ca before November 4th at 12am (so arrangements can be made).

If no contest arises by the dates above, these ballots will be destroyed.

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