Final List of 2014 Candidates

NOMINATIONS AND ADVANCED REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED: We are pleased to announce the complete and final list of all candidates in the 2014 General Election. From these candidates, nine will be elected to form the 2014-2015 Board of St. John’s Pride.

Co-Chair Finance [1 position]
Matt Caravan (incumbent) (uncontested, subject to a vote of confidence)

Co-Chair External [1 position]
Noah Davis-Power
Kyra “Ky” Rees (incumbent)
Perin Squires

Co-Chair Internal [1 position]
Taylor Stocks (incumbent)
Jordan Willis Lester
Ken Byrne

Director(s)-at-Large [6 positions]
Tj Jones
Melanie Stewart
Chris Chipman
Charlie Murphy (incumbent)
Christina Mallay
Ryan Steeves
Sarah Downey

DEBATES AND ASK-THE-CANDIDATE: Best of luck to all candidates, and remember to drop over to to talk to your candidates and debate in advance of the election on October 5th.

More posts to come regarding next steps and explaining the electoral process in greater detail. In the meantime if you have any questions about the electoral process, voting system used, or other electoral questions contact If you would like to submit a complaint or report suspicious activity contact Pamela Sheaves, CRO at

PLEASE BE ADVISED: All Co-Chair candidates have chosen to, as offered to them in their application, simultaneously run for At-Large positions so should they be unsuccessful in their bid for Co-Chair they may still hold a seat with our Board.

This option was offered to assure that we have all the awesome possibilities and combinations available from this excellent pool of people, and believe it’s a far better process than discarding dedicated volunteers. Voters will see Co-Chair candidates’ names appear on both the Co-Chair **AND** Director-At-Large ballot. This is NOT an error. This is simply a candidate’s “second chance” if unsuccessful in their primary bid. Vote as you normally would based on your preferences and the electoral system and electoral officials will handle the rest!

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