2014-2015 General Election

2015 GENERAL ELECTION: St. John’s Pride is pleased to announce that the General Election for the 2015 Board of Directors will take place on October 5th, 2014, at 3pm-7pm, location and agenda TBA.A reminder that this year’s elections will be for nine (9) board members: three (3) Co-Chairs (External, Internal, Finance), six (6) Directors-At-Large and will operate on a system of project portfolios (e.g.: Media, Events, Fundraising, etc.). Details of this restructuring were put forth and made publicly available on January of this year. A motion to ratify this board restructuring will be presented at the General Election on October 5th at 3:00pm.It is suggested that objections to the restructuring proposal be voiced PRIOR to the election by emailing tstocks@stjohnspride.ca (CC: krees@stjohnspride.ca). This is so that the board may have time to properly address any concerns, make the necessary amendments to the proposal before the motion is put forth and to make for a timely and smooth election for our electorate. To date from publication in January, we have not received any objections or suggested amendments to our proposal. In absence of objections the motion will pass with a simple-majority vote with proper quorum. CANDIDATES may announce their candidacy by filling out this form (for consistency and fairness) and your platform and intention to run will be announced via this Facebook page.


Candidates will also be provided with an online campaigning forum on Friday, September 19th through October 4th to speak directly to the electorate all in one place for viewing ease. Thus, candidates are encouraged to use these official avenues over private social media (though not forbidden) as both a show of good faith and for public engagement

Register for online voting here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1oNBEq8NhETHbec7NtfMWzuuNczyZMzR73HNg4jDh8R8/viewform


SECURE ONLINE VOTING will be an option for those this year throughwww.electionbuddy.com. REGISTER here (advance registration required):https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1oNBEq8NhETHbec7NtfMWzuuNczyZMzR73HNg4jDh8R8/

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