Thank You to Our Wonderful Supporters

Goodness- it’s almost here. Pride is just around the corner, and after working through most of the year to put this together, the board couldn’t be happier with the strong support with have received both within the LGBTQ community and within greater St. John’s and Newfoundland. Our celebration would not be possible without the dedication of many people working diligently to get all the details sorted out.

From the City of St. John’s, we would like to extend our eternal gratitude to Tanya Haywood, Dawn Corner, the Communications Department, the Special Events Subcomittee, and Mayor O’Keefe and City Council, especially Councillors Jonathan Galgay and Bernard Davis of the Special Events Subcommittee, and Councillor Dave Lane, all whom have been incredibly generous with their time an resources.

We would also like to thank Sgt. Paul Murphy of the RNC for determining our parade route with us, Metrobus for working their schedule around our parade route, John Clarke of the NL Folk Festival for helping us with the details of the festival site, Memorial Arena Dominion for being good sports about us taking over the public half of their parking lot, and all of the businesses along New Gower, Duckworth, and Kingsbridge for passively (and some actively!) being involved in our march.

This is just the first wave of thankyous that we will be sharing over the next week- stay tuned to hear who else has been contributing to the great success of Pride Week!

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