Restructuring Proposal

Proposed to St. John’s Pride Public:

9 Person Board to be implemented upon the election of St. John’s Pride Board 2015.

“Presidential” power to be held among 3 Co-Chair positions:


Oversees all banking, finance, sponsorship related affairs.


Responsible for smooth functioning of board, including administrative duties.


In charge of public engagement and communication.

*All major decisions must have 2/3 co-chair agreement.

6 Directors with portfolio allocation decided after election:

Example portfolios:






Internal Structure

Community Engagement


We recommend these changes for three reasons:

1. We want to increase lateral decision-making and decentralize final power from one person to a group of three.

2. We believe a nine person board will avoid the potential gridlock of our current eight person board.

3. We acknowledge that directors work together best once they can come together and recognize strengths and weaknesses and decide from that point who is best suited to a task. We believe this flexibility is helpful for the board in the long term and thus should be institutionalized.

We are also investigating changes regarding the by-laws to clarify voting procedures, formalizing institutional continuity from year to year, and increasing the efficiency of the organization as a whole.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments about the proposed changes.

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